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Streamline your procurement and RFP processes with the platform that leverages predictive pricing and advanced supplier engagement.

Proficy was founded by sourcing professionals who were fed up with the current procurement software offerings.

Their experiences...

  • Difficult to Use

  • Limited Customization

  • Integration Challenges

  • No Supplier Databasing

  • No Contract Management

  • Outdated Interfaces

  • Little Financial Insight

  • Implementation Hurdles

  • No Pricing Databasing

  • Delayed ROI

The other platforms out there today made their jobs harder, not easier. With Proficy, they set out to fix that.

Say goodbye to your procurement headaches and say hello to a Profit.



RFP Management

With our years of RFP experience and hundreds of RFPs submitted, we simplify the entire process for you.

Procurement Modeling

Lose the stress and automate your entire procurement process with a custom model from Proficy.

Supply Chain Optimization

Proficy has optimized networks, warehouse spaces, and transportation routes for small trash haulers all the way up to Fortune 50 enterprises.

Pricing Analysis

Don't leave revenue on the table. Let Proficy find the optimal pricing for all your products and solutions.

Profitability Analysis

Are you pushing the right products and services? Proficy adds clarity amidst all the moving pieces.


Proficy provides insight into where your demands and finances will be months and years ahead.

Sales Operations

Get more insight into your top line and help your Sales team succeed.

Database Development

Proficy will automate the consolidation of your important data into a centralized location.



From multinational web marketplaces to early-stage startups, our team has spent much of their careers in Technology. No matter the stage of your Tech venture, Proficy will help you streamline for the long-term.


Our founders spent years leading an Analytics group in the waste and recycling world. the Proficy team has experience in Waste pricing strategy, cost per yard analyses, route optimizations, RFP management, and much more.

Waste & Recycling

Working directly with 3PL warehouses and transportation carriers across North America, our team has optimized supply chains and established processes to reduce costs at every level of your network.

Transportation & Logistics

Proficy’s beginnings were in education. Over a decade later, we continue to help our Education clients drive down cost and direct funding where it really matters.


As your construction business grows, so too do the demands to support it. We introduce automation into your processes that will allow you to dedicate less time and fewer resources.


From Fortune 20 banks to local credit unions, Proficy’s team has led projects ranging from new product consumer studies to major financial remediations.


With Six Sigma and Operations backgrounds, we help our manufacturing clients achieve greater optimization through process improvement. automation, and kaizen events.


In an industry where margins are especially slim, Proficy increases profitability through pricing analytics, labor optimization, and automation of administrative tasks.


From pricing strategy to inventory analysis and much more, Proficy allows its retail customers to maximize both their revenue and growth potential.




Proficy brings simplicity and efficiency to your entire procurement process.

Our founding team has spent their collective careers leading RFPs and optimizing procurement teams from within companies ranging from early-stage startups to the Fortune 500. With integrated modeling and process automation, they developed solutions to challenges that are pervasive in sourcing and supplier relations teams across industries and business sizes.


We were founded on the principle of enabling that same process improvement on a larger scale. It's time to make your life easier. It's time to think about the future.


It's time to make a Proficy. 

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